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432 Million Internet Pirates Transfer 9,567 Petabytes of Data a Month

A new study commissioned by NBC Universal shows that piracy worldwide is on the rise. The report estimates that in January of this year 432 million people used the Internet to access copyright infringing material. The total bandwidth consumed by these unauthorized transfers equaled 9,567 petabytes per month in 2012, most of which was transferred through BitTorrent. In total, the report attributes nearly a quarter of all Internet traffic to piracy.

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College Pirates? U.S. Universities Ranked by BitTorrent Usage

For more than a decade universities have been battling a persistent piracy problem. While progress has been made over the past few years, there are still plenty of illicit file-sharers present on university networks. Today we look at the top universities in the United States ranked by BitTorrent usage. Perhaps not surprisingly, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology comes out on top, followed by Rutgers and New York University.

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Piracy Collapses As Legal Alternatives Do Their Job

Entertainment industry groups in Norway have spent years lobbying for tougher anti-piracy laws, finally getting their way earlier this month. But with fines and site blocking now on the agenda, an interesting trend has been developing. Quietly behind the scenes music piracy has collapsed to less than a fifth of the level it reached five years ago while movie and TV show downloading has been cut in half.

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File-Sharers Have Right to Anonymous Speech, Court Hears

Several advocacy groups including the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union is have joined a group of major U.S. Internet providers in their protest against mass BitTorrent lawsuits. They state that these cases are “essentially an extortion scheme,” as many courts have started to realize recently. The groups further argue that the lawsuits violate file-sharers’ right to anonymous speech, which is protected by the First Amendment.

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Tenenbaum argued the $675,000 award violates his due process rights because it’s not tied to the injury he caused. He estimates that to be no more than $450, or the cost of 30 albums. A federal appeals court Tuesday found Tenenbaum’s conduct was “egregious” because he illegally shared songs for years despite numerous warnings. The U.S. Supreme Court last year declined to hear Tenenbaum’s appeal.

Mass. student’s $675,000 song-sharing fine upheld - Yahoo! News

File-Sharers Are Well Educated and Earn More Money

New research commissioned by the Australasian Performing Right Association reveals that Australian file-sharers are more affluent and better educated than their non-downloading counterparts. One in three Aussie Internet pirates earn more than $100,000 and one in four enjoyed a university education. The results further confirm that pirates tend to be relatively young, with 44% of file-sharers under 30 years of age.

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Police Raid School Teacher for Uploading History Book for Students

A teacher received a huge shock last week after uploading a copy of a book to his website that offers free educational resources for students. The Latvian publisher behind the work, a $4.00 history book, complained to the authorities which resulted in the teacher being raided by the police. During interrogation the teacher learned that his mistake could cost him dearly – two years in jail, forced labor, or a fine.

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BitTorrent Sync creates private, peer-to-peer Dropbox, no cloud required

BitTorrent today released folder syncing software that replicates files across multiple computers using the same peer-to-peer file sharing technology that powers BitTorrent clients.

The free BitTorrent Sync application is labeled as being in the alpha stage, so it’s not necessarily ready for prime-time, but it is publicly available for download and working as advertised on my home network.

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Massive BitTorrent and Cyberlocker Domain Crackdown Underway

In what is being described as the biggest domain crackdown since US Homeland Security seized more than 70 domains in 2010, Italy has targeted more than two dozen BitTorrent, cyberlocker and other file-sharing sites. The Public Prosecutor of Rome has ordered the blocking of Rapidgator, Uploaded, BitShare, NowVideo, VideoPremium and many others, warning that he will progress the action internationally in order to properly seize their domains.

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BitTorrent Site IsoHunt Demands Jury Trial

The operator of the popular file-sharing service isoHunt is demanding a federal appeals court grant it a jury trial, two weeks after the court declared it a massive copyright scofflaw and said it’s on the hook for what could be millions of dollars in damages payable to Hollywood studios.

A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against Gary Fung and said the Motion Picture Association of America automatically won on the merits of the case, without a trial. The decision marked the first time a federal appeals court had ruled against a BitTorrent search engine.

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