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Spotify Starts Shutting Down Its Massive P2P Network

For more than half a decade Spotify has relied on P2P technology to quickly deliver songs to its millions of subscribers. This will be over soon. The music streaming service has started to phase out P2P technology to rely fully on central servers instead.

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"Our econometric results indicate that the Hadopi [three strikes] law has not deterred individuals from engaging in digital piracy and that it did not reduce the intensity of illegal activity of those who did engage in piracy," report the four co-authors, economists at the University of Delaware and the University of Rennes.

Study of French “three strikes” piracy law finds no deterrent effect | Ars Technica

A 28-year-old man from Sala, Sweden, became the country’s single biggest illegal file-sharing target when he was indicted for uploading more than 500 films to the now-defunct torrent community known as Swebits, where he was also a moderator. He won’t serve the year in jail that rightsholders thought appropriate, but he received a 160-hour community service sentence and will pay through the nose, to the tune of 4.3 million Swedish kronor (about $652,000).

The Daily Dot - Swedish man slapped with $650,000 fine for film piracy

BitTorrent, the report notes, now accounts for only 7.4 percent of traffic during peak period, while file-sharing in general hovers below 10 percent. And that’s a sharp drop—only five years ago, BitTorrent managed to draw 31 percent of daily streaming traffic and even twice that 10 years ago.

Netflix Has Taken a Huge Bite Out of File Sharing - Zach Schonfeld - The Atlantic Wire

Torrent search engine isoHunt has prematurely and permanently shutdown today. To prevent the ArchiveTeam from making a full backup of the site, isoHunt decided to close its doors two days earlier than planned. The site’s founder says that he is honored by the backup initiative, but believes that there are plenty of copies of isoHunt’s torrents floating around on the web already.

isoHunt Shuts Down Early to Block Backup Plan | TorrentFreak

Torrent search engine isoHunt today announced that it has settled its legal battle with the MPAA for $110 million. The site’s owner has decided to throw in the towel and shut down the site for now, but an application for an appeal at the U.S. Supreme Court is still pending. The MPAA described the outcome of the case as a landmark victory that will preserve jobs and protect tens of thousands of businesses.

isoHunt Shuts Down After $110 Million Settlement With The MPAA | TorrentFreak

432 Million Internet Pirates Transfer 9,567 Petabytes of Data a Month

A new study commissioned by NBC Universal shows that piracy worldwide is on the rise. The report estimates that in January of this year 432 million people used the Internet to access copyright infringing material. The total bandwidth consumed by these unauthorized transfers equaled 9,567 petabytes per month in 2012, most of which was transferred through BitTorrent. In total, the report attributes nearly a quarter of all Internet traffic to piracy.

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College Pirates? U.S. Universities Ranked by BitTorrent Usage

For more than a decade universities have been battling a persistent piracy problem. While progress has been made over the past few years, there are still plenty of illicit file-sharers present on university networks. Today we look at the top universities in the United States ranked by BitTorrent usage. Perhaps not surprisingly, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology comes out on top, followed by Rutgers and New York University.

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Piracy Collapses As Legal Alternatives Do Their Job

Entertainment industry groups in Norway have spent years lobbying for tougher anti-piracy laws, finally getting their way earlier this month. But with fines and site blocking now on the agenda, an interesting trend has been developing. Quietly behind the scenes music piracy has collapsed to less than a fifth of the level it reached five years ago while movie and TV show downloading has been cut in half.

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File-Sharers Have Right to Anonymous Speech, Court Hears

Several advocacy groups including the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union is have joined a group of major U.S. Internet providers in their protest against mass BitTorrent lawsuits. They state that these cases are “essentially an extortion scheme,” as many courts have started to realize recently. The groups further argue that the lawsuits violate file-sharers’ right to anonymous speech, which is protected by the First Amendment.

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