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As daunting financial pressures force newspapers around the country to shut down or severely trim staff and budgets, a new model has emerged in many communities in which college journalism students increasingly make up for the lack of in-depth coverage by local papers.

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"If you’re a journalist or a journalistic organization we will see state-sponsored targeting and we see it happening regardless of region, we see it from all over the world both from where the targets are and where the targets are from," Huntley told Reuters.

Journalists, media under attack from hackers: Google researchers | Reuters

The new policy, shown to the editorial staff in a PowerPoint presentation in late February, provides that as much as 75 percent of reporters’ job performance will be based on measurable web-based metrics, including how often they post to Beat reporters will be expected to post at least three times a day, and all reporters are expected to increase their average number of posts by 40 percent over the next year. In addition, reporters have been told to stir up online conversations among readers. “On any post of substance, reporter will post the first comment,” the policy says. “Beat reporters [are to] solicit ideas and feedback through posts, polls and comments on a daily basis.” The Oregonian will hand out yearly bonuses—if the finances of the company allows it—to reporters who exceed these goals. The policy says “final performance ratings will determine merit pay.”

With Quotas and Incentive Pay, The Oregonian is Again Reshaping Its Experience for Readers

Russia Blocks Access to Major Independent News Sites

Russia’s government has escalated its use of its Internet censorship law to target news sites, bloggers, and politicians under the slimmest excuse of preventing unauthorized protests and enforcing house arrest regulations. Today, the country’s ISPs have received orders to block a list of major news sites and system administrators have been instructed to take the servers providing the content offline.

The banned sites include the online newspaper Grani, Garry Kasparov’s opposition information site, the livejournal of popular anti-corruption crusader Alexei Navalny, and even the web pages of Ekho Moskvy, a radio station which is majority owned by the state-run Gazprom, and whose independent editor was ousted last month and replaced with a more government-friendly director.

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The whole platform, we are building that around the dialogue rather than the monologue that it is usually. You as the journalist are the conversation leader.

The secret to having a successful paywall around your news is simple — it’s about community — Tech News and Analysis

North Korea News’ Chad O’Carroll noticed that over 100,000 articles on the website for the state-run news agency, KCNA, went missing over the last few days. Another expert showed O’Carroll that the state-run newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, is also missing roughly 20,000 articles. At least 35,000 of the missing KCNA articles were the original Korean drafts, while the Japanese, English and Chinese translations account for the rest. With a few exceptions — usually glowing articles about President Kim Jong-un — the KCNA archives now begin on October 1, 2013.

North Korea Erased Its Official Online News Archives - The Wire

In the call late last month, Mr. Winkler defended his decision, comparing it to the self-censorship by foreign news bureaus trying to preserve their ability to report inside Nazi-era Germany, according to Bloomberg employees familiar with the discussion. “He said, ‘If we run the story, we’ll be kicked out of China,’ ” one of the employees said. Less than a week later, a second article, about the children of senior Chinese officials employed by foreign banks, was also declared dead, employees said. Mr. Winkler said in an email on Friday that the articles in question were not killed. “What you have is untrue,” he said. “The stories are active and not spiked.”

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"The applicant company [Delfi], by publishing the article in question, could have realized that it might cause negative reactions against the shipping company and its managers and that, considering the general reputation of comments on the Delfi news portal, there was a higher-than-average risk that the negative comments could go beyond the boundaries of acceptable criticism and reach the level of gratuitous insult or hate speech," the ECHR ruling read, according to the Journal.

Court rules nasty comments are a news site’s responsibility | Internet & Media - CNET News

“To simplify and strengthen the Reuters news operation, we are making changes that will result in a slightly smaller editorial staff, but one that is more strategically positioned and better equipped to help Reuters report and deliver the news that matters most to our customers and society as a whole,” a spokeswoman, Barb Burg, said in a statement. The cuts, which are expected to affect about 150 employees, or 5 percent of the newsroom staff, follow an announcement late last month that the company was scrapping its plans to expand into consumer news through a two-year old program called Next.

Reuters Plans to Lay Off 5% of Newsroom Staff -

279-year-old Lloyd's List newspaper goes digital

A newspaper that began life 279 years ago as a notice pinned to a London coffee shop wall, will be available online only from the end of the year.

The last print publication of Lloyd’s List, which carries news for the shipping industry, will be on 20 December.

A survey carried out earlier this year found that only 25 of its customers used the print edition alone.

Editor Richard Meade said it was “just a natural part of our evolution”.

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