The court’s decision today will have significant consequences for cloud computing,” Frederick said in a statement outside the court, which Aereo transcribed and emailed to Poynter. “We’re confident, cautiously optimistic, based on the way the hearing went today that the Court understood that a person watching over-the-air broadcast television in his or her home is engaging in a private performance and not a public performance that would implicate the Copyright Act.

Aereo ‘cautiously optimistic’ after Supreme Court hearing | Poynter.

Relying on age and experience has been the way of the business world since the beginnings of the industrial era in the 18th century. It’s clear to me that in the present and future Information Age, however, older isn’t necessarily better when it comes to brands and services.

Myth of Age Experience in Innovation Equation | Bill Donius

European parliament adopts 'net neutrality' law

The European Parliament voted Thursday to stop Internet providers from charging for preferential access to their networks — a step cheered by consumer groups and startups but bemoaned by the telecommunications industry.

The bill on “net neutrality” forces Internet providers to treat all traffic the same regardless of its source. That will prevent major telecom and Internet providers such as Vodafone or Deutsche Telekom from reserving the best of their network for their own services, or selling the lions’ share of bandwidth to big companies like Google and Netflix, while leaving a slower Internet for everyone else.

European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes, who proposed the bill, hailed Thursday’s 534-25 vote as “historic.” She said it will help “to get rid of barriers and to make life less expensive” for consumers.

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A new atomic clock, so accurate it will lose or gain only one second every 300 million years, was unveiled Thursday by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, a branch of the U.S. Department of Commerce. The NIST-F2 had been in development for about a decade and is three times more accurate than the F1, which has been in use since 1999. The institute will continue operating both clocks for now at its campus in Boulder, Colorado.

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We are pretty transparently upping our promise to our guests, and that is why we’re being so deliberate about this test-and-adjust period,” said Thomas O. Staggs, Disney’s parks and resorts chairman. “Delight turns very quickly to expectation.” He added: “Certain things have taken longer to make broadly available than we initially would have liked, but our rollout was designed to be flexible to ensure that the guest experience was always our first priority.

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When students go and present their papers in class, it basically, after that, gets filed away," Belzberg explains. "What we provide is an opportunity to publish the paper in a setting where other students, faculty, and visitors get to experience that document.

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The smartwatch products developed by Google and others, in Mr. Hayek’s view, raise several problems compared with traditional mechanical watches. The drawbacks, he said, include their limited battery life and the fact that they are “trackable” by the National Security Agency and other intelligence services. “People don’t want these complications,” Mr. Hayek said during a news conference last week. Instead, he said, “watches remain a piece of jewelry.”

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But, in the area of patentable subject matter, the Supreme Court’s decisions have been a disaster. The Court has created mass confusion, making it almost impossible to discern whether certain innovations, particularly as to software, are patentable. Alice provides the Supreme Court an opportunity to provide guidance in the law, particularly in the software industry. Let’s hope the Court takes it. It is time for some clarity – innovation depends on it.

Is The Supreme Court About To Rule That Software Is Ineligible For Patent Protection? - Forbes

It’s very high on the agenda of a lot of airlines, because technology is often a pretty low-cost way to improve service,” said Raymond Kollau, an analyst and founder of, a research firm in Haarlem, the Netherlands. But some experts say carriers should proceed with caution. “Using technology to position itself as a forward-thinking airline can have a positive impact on preference” among fliers, said Henry H. Harteveldt, a travel industry analyst in San Francisco for Hudson Crossing, a consulting firm. “But there is a very fine line between cool and creepy.

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If you asked people in 1989 what they needed to make their life better, it was unlikely that they would have said that a decentralized network of information nodes that are linked using hypertext.

If you asked people in 1989… | chris dixon’s blog (via everythingisdisrupted)

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