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In the interests of full disclosure, I do want to point out a genuine problem with Eternal Copyright, in that it will be difficult to enforce due to the inherently criminal nature of digital technology, which allows information to be copied perfectly and instantly. Absent a complete ban of the technology, which admittedly would be a little draconian, one obvious solution would be to hard-wire digital devices to automatically detect, report, and prevent duplication of copyrighted material. Yes, this might get the libertarians and free-speech crazies out protesting, but a bit of fresh air wouldn’t do them any harm.

Eternal Copyright: a modest proposal – Telegraph Blogs

Local FOX Station Airs Hilarious Social Media Parody

The anchor opens up with breaking news about a gunman on the loose in City Hall, but every correspondent on the scene is so involved in social media technology that he or she has lost touch with what’s actually happening.

The station uploaded the video to its Facebook page, and then it appeared on YouTube courtesy of the Dallas Observer. The video debuted at the Lone Star Emmy Awards, a ceremony that highlights excellence in local news broadcasts in the region.

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Minn. Governor: Students Will Stop Hauling Keisters to Class, Start Downloading $199 'iCollege'

Hey, Minnesota college students—guess what.

The days of hauling yourself to class in the freezing cold only to snooze through some professor droning through Econ 101 are ending. 

That’s right—over. Your governor says so.

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