Hotfile Goes To War Against Copyright Infringers

Hotfile, one of the rising stars on the file-hosting scene, appears to be taking a tougher stance on copyright infringement. Perhaps with an eye on the litigation recently instigated by the MPAA, this week Hotfile has been deleting premium accounts – along with all their files – en masse. Furthermore, Hotfile are reportedly not paying out the money these accounts have earned in the site’s rewards program.

As bandwidth and storage capacity have increased, so have the capabilities of file-hosting services. Perhaps inevitably, not only are they used for the storage personal files, but increasingly for the distribution of movies, music, games and software.

Although the MPAA and RIAA have named two of the market leaders – RapidShare and MegaUpload – as ‘rogue’, to date both sites have avoided becoming a target for litigation from the pair. The same cannot be said about Hotfile.

» via TorrentFreak