Cyber thief steals $450,000 worth of experimental virtual currency

That’s where user Allinvain landed on Monday when he booted up his computer to find that his wallet file had been lifted, along with over 25,000 Bitcoins. The exchange rate for Bitcoins fluctuates wildly, and while roughly $20 buys you a single Bitcoin today, the rate has spiked to nearly $30 per coin on a regular basis. At the time of the theft, Allinvain’s wallet was worth about $467,500. It was cash he was saving to open, ironically, a Bitcoin business.

Justice-minded Bitcoin veterans are attempting to hunt down the virtual robber through the complex log files used to launder the digital dough, but their efforts might be in vain. The completely anonymous nature of the Bitcoin system means that users are protected from identity theft, but are also nearly untouchable when it comes to punishment for misdeeds.

» via Yahoo! News


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