Portugal considers 'Terabyte Tax'

In what legislators are calling an attempt to “bring old legislation into the 21st century”, the Portuguese parliament is considering taxation on storage devices, in an attempt to protect copyright holders.

According to one local media outlet, Exame Informatica, the ‘minor’ legislative update proposed by the Portuguese Socialist Party (currently in the opposition) in Portugal, would have consumers forking out for a new tax on storage devices, all in the name of copyright protection - yet all but killing off HDD sales in the country.

The proposal would have consumers paying an extra €0.2 per gigabyte in tax, almost €21 extra per terabyte of data on hard drives. Devices with storage capacities in excess of 1TB would pay an aggravated tax of 2.5 cents per GB. That means a 2TB device will in fact pile on €51.2 in taxes alone (2.5 cents times 2048GB). External drives or “multimedia drives” as the proposed bill calls them, in capacities greater than 1TB, can be taxed to the tune of 5 cents per gigabyte, so in theory, a 2TB drive would cost an additional €103.2 per unit (5 cents times 2048GB). This would be enough to singlehandedly stall PC and component sales. Let’s not even consider the ongoing effects of the flooding in Thailand. We won’t even attempt a parody at formatted capacity vs. raw capacity.

» via TechEYE.net


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