Educational technologists defend online education

One of higher education’s biggest exports is skepticism. So it is perhaps unsurprising that, whereas many educators have questioned the virtue of online education, others would question the way in which the questioners have questioned online education.

A panel of academic technologists ganged up on a straw-man version of the online education skeptic here at the annual Educause conference here on Thursday.

The panel took aim at a number of questions that often come up when online education is put under the microscope, including: Does online education take more time? And does it enable cheating?

Using these questions to prod the worthiness of online education is likely to lead to “causal fallacies” than useful insights, said George Otte, director of academic technology at the City University of New York System. “Just as you can lie with statistics, you can mislead with questions,” he said.

» via Inside Higher Ed


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